Watershed is a software startup accelerating the fight against climate change.

First Business Hire

February 10, 2021
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The Role

We're looking for a business hire to join our team in San Francisco.  Please reach out to taylor@watershedclimate.com to discuss.

Our mission is to help stop climate change by accelerating the transition to a zero carbon economy. Businesses are a key actor in this transition, and corporate climate programs are becoming ubiquitous thanks to investor expectations, employee enthusiasm, regulatory requirements [pdf], supply chain pressure, customer brand, and corporate peer pressure.

But we've seen firsthand that it's a hard problem. At Stripe, we built the climate program and were surprised how few tools existed in the space. Now we’re building the data sets, tools, and marketplace that businesses need to succeed.

Watershed provides everything that a business needs to have true climate impact: data analytics to understand their carbon footprint, tools to execute on carbon reductions, easy purchasing of clean energy and carbon offsets, and help communicating their impact. We launched the product in December 2019 and are live with paying customers who are using Watershed to cut carbon.

Business hire

We're looking for a business leader to help build Watershed from the ground up. You'll roll up your sleeves to work directly with customers to help them launch high-impact climate programs. You'll help us scale operations and form partnerships to enable low-friction decarbonization for businesses. And you'll build a go-to-market engine with the goal of bringing Watershed to as many businesses as possible.

Examples of things you might work on next week:

  • Work with our data engineering team to scale our carbon accounting system, enabling us to calculate the carbon impact of every business.
  • Sell Watershed to companies and support them as they onboard.
  • Present a carbon reduction plan to a Watershed customer. You'll analyze their data, and help them set aggressive and achievable targets.
  • Work with Watershed customers to reduce emissions—by buying clean power, funding carbon offsets, pressuring suppliers to cut carbon, or picking the lowest-carbon cement for a new building. You'll become an expert on carbon pathways for different industries and roll up your sleeves to help our customers execute.
  • Build our clean power and carbon removal business: identify the most effective projects, partner with developers & registries, and help our customers fund high-impact portfolios.
  • Help us launch Watershed and build our go-to-market engine.

You might be a fit if you:

  • Have a track record of doing whatever it takes to get things done. You've accomplished things that others thought were impossible. You're relentlessly resourceful.
  • Think clearly about complex problems, and love to dive into the data to answer hard questions.
  • Are an exceptional communicator.
  • Have a knack for sales and love working directly with customers.
  • Are passionate about solving climate change and excited to go deep on the most effective solutions.
  • Want to join a startup, take responsibility for the fate of the company, and move fast.

These are not hard requirements: far more important than what shows up on a resume, we're looking for smart, passionate, effective people to join the team. If you're interested in Watershed, we'd love to hear from you.

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