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CEO / Company Launcher

February 10, 2021
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CEO/Company Launcher Program

MBA Internship or part-time to full-time

We're looking for CEOs. We have identified a number of attractive markets to build a specific type of business. We've built these businesses before in other markets and will support the CEOs of these new businesses with capital, playbooks, and mentorship. This is a relatively low risk way of starting a company that you will be able to operate from anywhere.

If you've always wanted to run your own company, this could be your opportunity. Our goal is for you to lead the company full-time as soon as this program ends, but depending on your abilities and other commitments, we're open to you starting out part-time. This would also be a great role for an MBA summer.

StealthCo has raised money from top VCs and angel investors.

What you'll do

Month 1 (Ideally, May 2021)

  • Do in-depth research on two or three potential markets and put together briefs evaluating each market (chosen by StealthCo, but open to your suggestions)
  • Conduct customer interviews to deepen your knowledge of these markets
  • Shadow current CEOs to learn best practices on running these types of businesses
  • With StealthCo team, decide on the market you'll build in
  • Build your strategy to launch in this market
  • If you are in school, this work can be done during the semester

Month 2

  • Create the product offering with help from StealthCo team
  • Create the growth plan with help from StealthCo team
  • Launch and acquire your first customers

Month 3 and 4

  • Deliver on the product offering
  • Execute on the growth plan

At the end of Month 4 (if you hit the goals that we set out for you), you'll have the opportunity to decide whether you want to stay on as CEO of the company you've launched, launch another company with the same method, or go in a different direction.

If you decide to stay, you'll have StealthCo's support as you scale to millions in annual revenue with full operational control over the company. Over time, you'll build a small team, but you likely won't make any full-time hires in your first year. This means that you'll learn every part of the business intimately, from strategy to product to sales to customer support.

Our ideal candidate is...

  • An entrepreneur - you've run an influencer account, started a non-profit, built a business unit, or exited a venture-backed company
  • Comfortable operating independently - you'll have operational control over the company that we build together
  • A people person - not afraid to send a cold email, host an event, or talk about your company on Twitter
  • Relentless - you have a burning desire to build something great
  • Long-term oriented - you think in decades and act in seconds
  • Generous - you know the best way to succeed is to give first

How you’ll find meaning

  • Completely own the results of your actions as a leader
  • Work alongside ambitious peers who push you to be better every day
  • Make the lives of your customers better in tangible ways
  • Learn how to start and scale a company

How you'll make money

The first four months:

  • Stipend plus a bonus if you achieve a clear milestone


  • Salary
  • Significant, uncapped variable compensation tied to the success of your company
  • Equity in StealthCo

Application Process

Feb 10: Applications due

Feb 11 - 16: First round of interviews

Feb 18: Short project due

Feb 19 - 22: Final round of interviews

March 1: Acceptances sent

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