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Hello beautiful humans of Propel! My name is Andres Robles (he-series), a DC native living in NYC. I recently joined a start up, Level Company, whose mission is to help companies get in front of key decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies. We're building out a network of industry executives who can leverage their personal/professional networks to not only make warm introductions but also help with message testing, navigating complex organizations, and better understanding purchasing decisions. My colleague @Meredith Hompe introduced me to Propel and am uber excited to be part of this community!!Fun Facts/Interests: Like @Hardy Farrow I really enjoy European football AND corgis! I'm also very interested in all things energy Past Life: I started my career doing research for a development bank in DC, focusing on climate change and later trade flows in the region. I then left the public sector to go work in the expert network arena, at GLG.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
  1. Develop a robust GTM Strategy
  2. Grow revenue to $1M+ in two years

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Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests



- I love connecting people, whether for business or for new jobs! - I have experience selling into Fortune 500 companies and can talk about my experience and help folks navigate large corporations


- Looking to leverage the learnings & experience of people who have built companies from the ground up - Looking to network and get introduced to startups/early stage companies who can leverage our services to land contracts with Fortune 1000 companies
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