About me - I’m the founder of based in Venice -- moved here around a month ago - Nostra’s content personalization engine allows customers to upload different content elements (images, text, colors etc) then, in real time, based on who is visiting the page, will show the optimal page for each person. Here is a quick video: - I started the business right out of college and now we have $4.2M in VC funding + a 5 person team - Love meeting new people and really looking to get involved in the LA tech ecosystem

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Currently Investing in

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Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Happy to help with fundraising intros/strategy
  • If there is anyone in my network you would like to be introduced to, happy to make introductions
  • Love brainstorming and helping companies go from 0-1
  • Have an office/house next to Gjusta that people are always welcome to cowork out of
  • Any sort of growth hacking ideas


  • Would love to meet ecom brand owners and ecom software founders
  • Intros to high quality tech talent in LA Hiring some engineering leadership for our badass team
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