I’m Austin, co-founder of momo - we are building a consumer finance platform to connect users with financial products that make sense for them, starting with credit cards. Choosing a credit card isn’t a data-driven decision for most people, but we’re changing that by building a personalized recommendation engine that determines which card will earn you the most in rewards and exactly how much you’ll earn. We’re in a closed beta right now but am more than happy to send the app to anyone who wants to try it out and provide feedback Previously I was the first engineering hire at Explo (YC W20) and a software engineer at Airbnb.I currently live in Austin (yes, people always make comments about my name lol) but grew up in the greater Philadelphia area.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Finance or fundraise for my business
  1. Hire our first employee

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Financial services

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Crypto and Web3
Financial services
Software and data solutions


  • All things software! I have experience developing across the stack, but my focus has typically been on the frontend. Love talking through engineering problems and am always more than happy to give advice.
  • Anything in the consumer finance / fintech space


  • I’m looking to meet some other founders, particularly fellow technical founders. But ultimately just people that I feel I can learn from 
  • Advice on fundraising / hiring an initial team - we’re first-time founders in the process of raising an angel round right now, so any and all advice is appreciated!
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