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  • Canadian. Born, raised and spent most of my adult life in the north of Canada
  • I now live in Denver, CO
  • I started my work career as a laboratory scientist and about 25 years ago, I leapt out of the lab and into the e-health digital space
  • My first startup job (way back in 1996) was a content and community manager for one of the first e-health web sites on the web
  • After that, I spent most of my time as a product person in very young startups (with a 4 year stint as sales and martech stack product lead for a Fortune 2000 company)
  • I'm pretty good at turning very little or no money into real products (MVPs) and operationalizing startup teams. No-code development and free trials are your friend
  • I'm a founder (post-product/pre-revenue startup) and I'm also CPO/CGO for another startup (post-product/post-revenue pre-funding startup)

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Finance or fundraise for my business
  1. Find funding and grow my business
  2. Start a microVC to help fund and help unrepresented founders

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

Content creation
Corporate development
Product management
Product operations

Future Interests

Consumer SaaS
Web applications


  • Product roadmap, product development, QA, growth strategies
  • I have a lot (A LOT) of fingers-on-the-keyboard experience in sales and marketing tech vertical, content/community space. I'm always happy to help.
  • Happy to review a resume (I'm not a HR professional. I'm a hiring manager in the tech space). I'm happy to make resume suggestions if you are transitioning into tech jobs or into a new field in tech.
  • Happy to make introductions


  • Interested in meeting angel investors and VCs
  • Interested in meeting pre-seed, seed round Founders (I'm eager to listen and learn from others)
  • Sometimes we all need a hand-up or a person to bounce ideas off, sometimes I need that as well.
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