About me: - Live in LA, grew up in Canada. - I’m a co-founder of Remakeable - an (in-development) digital prototyping service using Web3D to abstract complex desktop softwares and streamline communications between brands and manufacturers. - Our mission is to white-label everything so to connect brands with engaged audiences to relevant products. Think influencer marketing -> influencer branded products. - I spent 2021 building an on-demand shoe company that got great traction but we failed to establish reliable production and ended up shutting down. That sucked! - Prior to embarking on this journey I worked as a senior engineer at Uber and before that I did flight planning software for UAVs.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Currently Investing in

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Future Interests

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  • Help with most things technical. (Mobile/React/Backend)
  • Google Cloud Platform and general app architecture.
  • Shopify App Development help.
  • I’m an open book - happy to discuss my journey, personal and professional failures, lessons learned, what we did right/wrong in our previous company, what dealing with that failure was like.


  • Meeting new people in the LA area. For fun, to soundboard with, and to learn from.
  • Connections to Brands looking for new distribution methods
  • Looking for a strong 3D modeler (particularly in Clo3D/MarvelousDesigner)
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