Hello everyone!

My name’s Brian Heiligenthal & I’m coming in from Detroit (although I’ll be splitting my time between here & NYC in the super near future). I’m the co-founder of proptech startup Mortar, where we’re building the first fully digital (fully integrated) pop-up space for digitally native & omnichannel brands. Mortar will allow brands to book, launch & run flexible, short-term spaces across the nation from anywhere at the push of (a few) buttons, while giving visionary high street retail landlords access to next generation tenants. Big future of real estate fan, especially in the face of pandemic-driven digitalization acceleration.I’m a University of Michigan alum (Go Blue!) & worked in M&A IB in NYC for the last 3 years before founding Mortar with an ex-Blackstone friend of mine.Outside of work, I really enjoy fitness (boating, wakeboarding & running in the Summer, snowboarding & skating in the Winters), sports (hockey, baseball & college football especially), cooking & wine (which I know is kind of a weird hobby). Fun fact, I’m a dual US-Canada citizen, eh?.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Launch my business

Build a more technically advanced post-MVP product & launch it across targeted markets

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Real estate

Functional Expertise

Product management

Future Interests

Software and data solutions
Web applications


  • Insights on fundraising / pitch decks (via 3yr IB analyst role)
  • Help with storytelling / pitch creation
  • Being a sounding board for ideas / strategy (any & all vertical)
  • Making intros to my network (mainly finance, PE, VC oriented)
  • Neighborhood, food & coffee recommendations in NYC


  • Feedback on the concept & ideas on future developments (always open!)
  • Help in finding a technical co-founder (or technical lead, even if part-time)
  • Intros to advisors in the real estate, proptech, retail, technology spaces
  • Intros to brands & landlords (all shapes & sizes) for product feedback
  • Advice in launching a marketplace business
  • Intros to real estate tech / proptech or marketplace angels & VCs
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