• Christina Yeung
  • Based in NYC
  • Works in adtech
  • Founding partner at Founders Committee and investor
  • Digital media experience >8 years and worked on various accounts that fall under the Fortune 500 umbrella

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Knowledge in digital media activation and execution
  • Paid media like programmatic, search, measurement, attribution
  • I love to uplift everyone around me
  • Happy to connect w. you/intro
  • Advice in business strategy, cross-functional management, career
  • Mentorship
  • Mental health is wealth: CBT focused in PSTD/anxiety — trauma survivor. Here as an ally and happy to share my story and inspire you to start your journey


  • Looking for founders raising money for their startups
  • Hiring for product, engineering, sales roles in adtech
  • Connection to diverse and inclusive founders/working groups
  • Advisors to join my syndicate fund team
  • Independent consultants — knowledge and skill share. I have lots to learn!
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