• I’m a co-founder of Inngest since January of this year
  • Inngest is a developer platform making it easy and fast to build powerful event-driven, asynchronous software. Our platform is serverless and we provide tooling so developers don’t have to spend valuable time configuring and managing cloud infrastructure. We help people get software to market faster.
  • I’m relocated to the Detroit area from Brooklyn in mid 2020.
  • I grew up and lived most of my life in NY and I dearly miss the bagels. I’m in New York several times a year and am down to connect there!
  • I previously was the CTO @ for the last few years where I set the technical strategy and let a team the engineering and data teams (~40 people). I’m new to being a founder, but I’ve been working in startups for ~10 years.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Grow my business
  1. Gain traction with my business
  2. Raise seed round for my business
  3. Expand my network

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Software and data solutions
Workflow automation

Functional Expertise

Data analytics

Future Interests

Software and data solutions


  • Advice on software architecture - building product MVPs & scaling products, avoiding over-engineering, cloud infra, serverless, anything software really
  • Building and growing remote teams (was @ Buffer on remote-first team during scale up from 2014-21)
  • Advice on product development (launched 3x new products at Buffer)
  • Advice on building a great, modern data analytics/data science stack for your team
  • Experience growing from an IC to manager to executive


  • Feedback on challenges you’ve experienced building products and software and scaling software
  • Product feedback
  • Growth & traction advice
  • (Soon) Advice on raising a seed round (we’re at pre-seed!)
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