Hi everyone, so excited to be here! I am the other Emily P., not to be confused with the one and only amazing Emily Pik! I am a burrito, dog, and surf lover currently living in LA. I'm on a mission with my Co-Founder and fellow member, Ingrid Hung, to make your dream life more accessible by building a lifestyle marketplace for aspirational yet attainable lifestyle services (interior design, personal styling, private chef crafted meals, art curation, etc.).

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Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Grow my business

Fundraise or Finance

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Working in

Gig Economy

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Gig Economy
Crypto and Web3


-Happy to chat through anything digital marketing (I just left Facebook/Instagram after 4.5 years helping businesses grow!) -Can share experience with sales skills & the structure of various sales orgs-My favorite thing to do is connect interesting people with one another, so am always happy to tap into my network to help. -If you're new to LA, let me know! Born & raised here, living in Santa Monica now :)


-Insight into early stage fundraising (Pre-Seed/Angel)-Insight or experience with marketplace product dev-Feedback on our deck and product!-Pitch Practice-Intros to Angels and VCs interested in marketplaces and the passion economy

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