Hey - I’m Evyatar! (it’s a toughy so you’re welcome to call me Ev, even though I’ll love you all the more if you can nail the whole thing) Excited to be a part of this and meet more of you! I’m currently in LA, but I spend most of my time in NYC working on data strategy at Two Sigma.

Prior, I worked at Tesla and YipitData building data products. I’ve done some “data consulting” for small businesses and have tried my hand at writing about mens fashion and dressing guys in tech.

Professional Goals

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  • I like automating tasks - so if you’re clicking something over and over again, please hit me up so we can try and put an end to the madness
  • I think all things design are awesome and particularly enjoy discussing frameworks for teaching design (kinda meta but it’s about how you train someone to build something they’re aesthetically obsessed with)… heads up, it’s still a work in progress


  • Love to hear how about your business/industry struggles with data (the more specific, the better) or if y’all crush everything data... please tell me
  • Also looking to learn more about selecting the right manuf. partner for a consumer product - all tips and experiences appreciated
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