I am Harsha from the windy city(Chicago). So I prefer travelling with the wind across the country looking for new opportunities and meeting great people. I've been working on startups for the past 7 years. Currently, I am working on a Web 3.0 + EdTech Company(stealth). We are on a mission to unlock accessible, high-quality education across the globe through blockchain to ensure that anyone with an internet connection can gain a world-class online education, as well as direct access to income-earning opportunities and employment. 

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Find a mentor(s)
  1. Fundraise
  2. Initial hires and Traction

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Crypto and Web3

Functional Expertise

Content creation

Future Interests

Financial services
Social impact


  • I will help with brainstorming, ideation, product and market strategies
  • I will help you with tokenomics and the web 3.0 business model.
  • Intro's to my network in the bay area.


  • A lifelong network of Propellers and game-changers.
  • Fundraising advisors
  • Potential initial hires for the company
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