About me- I’m a former venture investor and consultant.- I invested in Series A+ startups like: Joby Aviation, Medable, Loft Orbital, MetaMap, Aclima.- Before that, I’ve cofounded a consulting company, where we worked with clients like Hellman & Friedman and Elliott Management.- I’m going 0-1 right now, mostly spending time on an education company idea.- Based in San Francisco and grew up in Seoul, Vancouver, New England. Random fun fact- I climbed Kilimanjaro and hiked the Camino while in college.

Professional Goals

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  • Brainstorming: I love a good brainstorming session and am happy to give honest feedback (if you want).
  • Connecting: I keep a *few* close friends in venture and am happy to introduce you to any of them.
  • Feedback: I can share what I’ve seen before (in VC) and help shape materials before a raise.
  • Support: Being a founder can sometimes feel like walking through a desert - everyone needs a good compass and some oases along the way. I’m happy to help you rediscover either.


  • People in education: I’m doing some discovery work and would love to speak with university CFOs or anyone who know university operations.
  • I’d also love to speak with college counselors, high school teachers/principals, and anyone with experience in university recruiting.
  • Advice on projects: I’m working through some distribution and data questions and would love your candid feedback.
  • Cofounder: I’m slowly looking for a (technical) cofounder and would love any introductions you may have.
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