Hey Propel community - excited to be here and meet everyone! I’m Jeff, the co-founder / CTO of Avenue, an alerting & incident response platform for go-to-market teams. We’re a seed-stage startup backed by Accel & YC based in Soho, NYC

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Recruiting a world-class engineering team, defining a user persona that we can sell to repeatably, inching closer to PMF 🙂

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Software and data solutions
Workflow automation

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Workflow automation
Software and data solutions


'- Ideating around anything relating to DevTools, ops, or data engineering startups - Help with fundraising (I’m also happy to read YC applications or do mock interviews) - One-off questions about technical architecture, how to evaluate engineers, etc.. - Intros to early-stage companies hiring for various roles


'- We’re hiring software engineers, and I’d love to talk to anyone who’s interested in early-stage companies / has friends who are looking for their next role! - Would love to talk to folks working in operations or go-to-market teams who have set up hacky operations alerts in Slack (and how you manage them).
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