Hi all! I'm Jeremy, one of the founders at Trackstar (eComm monitoring platform). Prior to Trackstar, I worked on the retail & consumer team at Oak Hill Advisors. I live in NYC and love pizza making, art, and sci-fi books. Feel free to reach out!

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Grow my business

Goal 1: Build a network in the eCommerce community. Goal 2: Continue to expand the Trackstar team.

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in


Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests

Software and data solutions
Food and beverage


Give 1: Willingness to give advice to all future founders looking to start their business. Give 2: Introductions to anyone in my network. Give 3: Willingness to chat with anyone in the Propel community about my experience founding / building Trackstar and my background in investing / finance. Give 4: Happy to help anyone, in any way I can. So definitely reach out!


Ask 1: Intros to eCommerce brands and intros to people in the eCommerce industry. Ask 2: Intros to engineers and other potential hires. Ask 3: Interacting with a likeminded network of entrepreneurs, getting their advice and feedback.

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