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About me - Based in NYC - Work on the Payments team (an evolution of our former biz ops team) at GlossGenius (vertical saas co. focused on the beauty + wellness space) - Made the jump to the startup world after a year-ish in private equity, which were preceded by two years in investment banking

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Meet great new people

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Consumer SaaS

Functional Expertise

Business operations
Data analytics

Future Interests

Consumer SaaS
Crypto and Web3
Financial services


  • Thoughts / advice on transitioning from finance to tech / startups
  • Would love to share my experience / learnings in vertical software
  • Always down to chat endlessly about nyc restaurants (other cities too, but less knowledgeable there!), fiction, or really any rabbit hole that’s piqued your interest recently :)


  • Looking to connect with other ops folks, particularly those with a few years of experience in biz ops, CoS, etc. type roles
  • Generally looking to meet more folks within the nyc tech scene
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