So nice rejoining this community! Shoutout to the great community builders who have expanded way past the initial 40ish we were!!Going to reintroduce myself for those who I have not yet met:I’m Maor (the A is an A like in the word llama  not like the A in airplane ). I’m living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, playing a ton of pickup soccer  , listening to many jam bands and starting to get into running (signed up for the Brooklyn half marathon). We’ll see how that last one goes…I’m currently working at PwC in a small venture/product studio launching software adjacent to the business’s core. Most of my work is structuring and testing net new concepts but we’ve also got about 25 products in market so I also get to think about how the existing assets grow :)Prior to joining PwC - I spent time in the startup acceleration and corporate innovation worlds wearing many hats including program manager/sales/marketing/research analyst/everything else imaginable.Fun fact - prior to joining PwC I launched and ran a freelance pricing strategy practice for a year My favorite project was redesigning the prices on the menu for one of Sweetgreens competitors Excited to rejoin propel to stay close to my entrepreneurial roots and hoping to find some thought (and action) partners outside the corporate bubble.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

I want to bring the scientific method to aspects of the business world described as "art."

There are a couple of possible end states that this could look like but currently most interested in gearing up to found my own company.

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

UX research

Future Interests

Financial services
Future of work


  • Always willing to chat pricing strategy and share some frameworks that I find helpful
  • I love chatting survey design and other buyer-research methods
  • Helping folks network (I have some cred with some well connected folks in the accelerator world who like to meet great new people)


  • Interested in connecting with others in the corporate/entrepreneurial trenches to discuss tactics for concept ideation/validation/strategy
  • I’d love to speak to anyone in green/climate tech to learn more about what it’s like working in this space
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