Hi Propel!  Very happy to be here and thanks again to @Anna Bao for introducing me to the community and @Emily Pik for being so amazingly supportive since I joined! By way of background, I am a former D1 tennis player at Indiana University and tech investment banker who has transitioned into the comedy & acting scene in L.A. Additionally, I find a lot of meaning in supporting others through their personal growth journeys - particularly when it comes to making transitions and finding what lights you up. So, I have started a coaching business ( and would love to chat with anyone who may be interested! 

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
  1. Find a portfolio of paid roles centered around community, people, & media / creative brand strategy
  2. Build a Media-Driven Life & Business Strategy Company

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Media and entertainment
Future of work

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Media and entertainment
Professional development
Future of work
Consumer packaged goods


  • Lending advice & discussing many topics such as: career transitions, mindset (Certified NLP practitioner), personal development / personal growth topics, spirituality
  • Would be happy to offer advice and take a second look at financial models and pitch presentations


  • I am looking for a flexible role within either marketing, strategy, or finance - if anyone has any leads or contacts, please let me know! Open to either remote or in-person in the Los Angeles area (I am based in Hollywood)
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