I currently work as a Strategic Consultant for Vanguard outside of Philadelphia - I’m excited to join the Propel community! I have degrees in both finance and accounting, and have been in the financial services / investment management sector for 5 years now. In addition to strategic consulting, I also have a few years working as a financial associate and pseudo chief of staff to Vanguard’s CFO.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Land a new job
  1. Goal 1 - Land an exciting new job in a domain that I’m passionate about
  2. Goal 2 - Broaden my network in the startup and venture investing industries

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Financial services
Institutional investing
Consumer SaaS

Functional Expertise

Corporate development

Future Interests

Crypto and Web3
Private equity
Real estate


  • Anything related to financial / business case modeling
  • Ambiguous problem solving, structured thinking, and PowerPoint design / storytelling
  • Business development and valuation analysis
  • I also have experience standing up multiple new teams, implementing redesigned financial management reports, creating KPI / performance dashboards, and managing projects from initial ideation to final execution


  • Advice - I’m actively looking to break into the startup world by trading in my corporate experience to build something alongside passionate and motivated individuals
  • Connections - would love to connect with anyone who has experience leaving a corporate environment for a startup
  • Leads for jobs - know anyone hiring for Strategic Finance, CoS, Biz/Corp Dev, or Biz Ops roles? Know of any additional resources to search for open positions (e.g., other slack communities, job boards, links, etc.)? Would love to hear more!
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