Hi everyone! My name is Mike Maseda and I'm currently the Chief of Staff at Prompt, an edtech startup based out of NYC. We are the #1 provider of college essay feedback in the world and are focused on making people better writers.

I have experience in healthcare, private equity, and management consulting.

I am also currently consulting for a couple of early stage startups in the healthcare space and am pursuing my MBA with the Quantic School of Business & Technology.

Fun Facts: - I played football in college (D3) - I have two dogs named Wrigley & Scout

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Creating a company/product that makes a difference in peoples lives. I want to focus on streamlining healthcare.

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

Chief of Staff
Business operations

Future Interests

Software and data solutions
Workflow automation


'- Advice for career transitions. - Perspective on company strategies, operations, ideas, etc. - Anything Chief of Staff related. - Any connections in my network. - I like discussing early stage product positioning, go to market strategy, and potential distribution models they can use to increase growth. - I like getting my hands on new software tools to see how they can make my life and\/or work easier. - With that, I’m happy to provide user feedback. - I have experience working with healthcare services, managed care, insurance, etc. So happy to discuss how healthcare can be made more efficient (spoiler - there are SO many).


- Any Ops Generalist, CoS, or General. - Manager positions that are open at tech start ups. - To connect with other entrepreneurs and builders and create mentors and friends! - Any affordable professional/executive coaching recommendations. - I want to meet more technically minded people in engineering and product. I’ve spent most of my start up experience on the Biz Ops side. Since I want to start my own company one day, I’ll need other cofounders to help me build it. - If you’re in NYC and have interest in meeting up outside, in person please let me know. These last 6 months have had me going a bit stir crazy. - Mentorship/Coaching - I feel like I am constantly trying to work on a bunch of different projects, but would really love someone to be a soundboard and provide perspective.
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