Hi all, very excited to be a part of this awesome community! Shouts to @jwabramowitz for the referral.

I am a private equity investor at Pamplona Capital. I previously spent time in investment banking at Rothschild advising companies in the Consumer & Retail sector.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

To launch an investment fund

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • My network is your network. Always happy to help facilitate connections with anyone I can
  • Advice on all things capital markets / investing related
  • I am always interested in exploring potential investments, and can help provide direct and/or indirect capital for attractive opportunities


  • Looking to expand my network, particularly with operators of awesome companies (like yourselves)
  • Learn more about entrepreneurship / building a company from the ground floor
  • Access to potential investment opportunities (re: give #3) to help support you all and/or folks in your networks in growing businesses
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