About me- Software engineer by day, side hustler by night (and weekends).- Just launched my side project - a space where meta friends hold each other accountable to their goals.- Live in San Francisco and Sebastopol.Random fun fact- Very random, I know the Big Island very well without actually living there. I went there for vacation 4 times in the last 6 years.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
  1. grow my side project.
  2. find co-founder
  3. be promoted.

Currently Investing in

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Future Interests

Software and data solutions


'- I tell people I’m a zero to 0.5 (vs zero to one). I can build and launch. I have done it a couple times. Happy to share tips re launching MVP. - I can be a sounding board if you need to talk through start up challenges, practice your pitch, do customer research, or test your MVP. - I have been living and working in SF for 10+ years. I might know things. (although I’m 100% not sure because the city has changed a lot) - Can give your a quick guide on wineries in Sonoma and good snorkeling & hiking spots on the Big Island.


'- I need help with the 0.5 to one part.  - Lets grab (virtual) coffee. Would love to meet and chat. - Looking for (non-tech) co-founder in about 6 months.
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