Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! Very excited to be part of Propel and can’t wait to connect with you all!

About me: From the Philadelphia area but have been in NYC for 8 years. Currently living in the West Village but might be making moves to a new local for a few months this winter.

I am a major extrovert who loves meeting new people and is always up for activities.

Spent the last 4+ years working at Casper where I most recently served as the Director of eCommerce. I joined the company when it was ~40 employees in 2015 and had a great “wear many hats” experience with roles and projects across Finance, Operations, Business Development, Retail, Growth, Marketing, and eCommerce.

Prior to Casper I did Investment Banking and Private Equity focused broadly on the consumer space.

Mentorship / accountability – if anyone is also in the process of building something or loves the building process, it would be great to connect to see how we might be able to help each other as we navigate the great unknown.

Fun Facts: LOVE to travel. Have been to 60+ countries and will one day look to add to that tally.

Always up for activities: hiking, running, tennis, yoga, biking, cooking.

Professional Goals

To change the way consumers shop on the internet by starting a company that revolutionizes the way consumers find products and are marketed to

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

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Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Always happy to chat and network with folks\n• Love chatting new ideas and happy to help people think through scaling consumer facing business, marketing strategy, eCommerce growth and optimization, product strategy, etc. I have a lot of fun experiences and anecdotes from my time at Casper that I am happy to share with people looking at consumer facing businesses
  • Financial modeling and growth/marketing strategy – love taking abstract ideas and synthesizing them down to simple financial models that can be used to think through growth


  • Would love to speak with anyone who has taken the 0 to 1 entrepreneurial journey. I am currently working on a new idea by myself and am always looking for ways to streamline the process and create structure that will help me more effectively get my idea off the ground.
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