Professional Goals

At some point, I want to start my own company, and am excited to learn from the experiences of the members of this community!

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Social media and content creation
Software and data solutions

Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests

Social media and content creation
Social impact
Software and data solutions


• Advice on developing market segmentation and conducting market research, customer interviews, and competitive analysis

• I have a knack for finding bugs and suggesting useful features to optimize user experiences, so I am happy to help with any beta-testing or participate in user interviews

• Chat about ways to identify and tackle mis- and disinformation, as well as other online harms


• I have been quite a generalist and am exploring some opportunities that would involve either specializing in strategic partnerships, business operations, or product management. I would love to hear from any of you in those roles about what the day-to-day looks like

• I would also be curious to hear from non-technical founders who created tech startups about how they approached taking the leap without many technical skills

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