Always looking for new opportunities of growth and development! I like to brainstorm ideas and grow businesses. I want to collaborate with individuals who have complementary skill sets and backgrounds.

Professional Goals

  1. I want to be apart of a growing company and help build it towards its fruition.
  2. To build something regenerative for communities in need.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Real estate

Functional Expertise

Data analytics

Future Interests

Financial services
Workflow automation


  • Happy to connect with people who want to gain an alternative perspective on the real estate industry, and gain insight on Qualia while I am still here!
  • Although I have limited knowledge, I love bouncing and fine tuning ideas, with critical analysis in business operations!
  • Dedication towards growth and development!


  • Looking to cooperate with others to expound upon ideas and projects, while growing with others in knowledge.
  • Always looking for new opportunities, and would love to collaborate on future ventures.
  • I enjoy reading and understanding new perspectives, so please send anything that can benefit my continued growth and development!
--Member is canceled.--
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