Hi all! I'm Mark, a product/UX researcher. My roots are in academia (and I may go back to grad school at some point), but I'm currently looking to move into a more Product-facing role. I was most recently at Equinox doing research for their core member app. I'm interested in the intersection of technology and social behavior: media, fitness, dating apps, habits, communities, etc.

Right now I'm hanging out in Boston at my parents' house, but I'm normally in New York.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Short-term: find an interesting role at a growing company Long-term: grow my skills and network so I'm prepared to launch a new project in the next several years

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

UX research

Future Interests

Future of work
Fitness and wellness


  • I'm always down for brainstorming and exploring new ideas.
  • Happy to test, give feedback, or just bounce ideas around.
  • My background is in behavioral science, so I'd probably be most helpful with user psychology / UX.


  • I'd love to learn more about non-traditional roles and career opportunities. If you have experience as an independent consultant, at an incubator/studio, or as a product strategist (for example), I'd love to chat!
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