Hey everyone! I’m Jess.

I’m co-founder and Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Asemio. I’m based in Tulsa and am excited about the opportunity to connect with a sharp, motivated, and collaborative group of individuals. My professional background is in health IT and I have experience implementing EHR software on the vendor side as well as the health system side. I also directed related work with a health information exchange. When I had an opportunity to join Asemio, the rest became history. 🙌🏼

A fun fact about me is that I very nearly went to work in book publishing. I will forever love to read and cannot resist editing a document when presented the opportunity. 🖊📚

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Professional Goals

We have built an exceptional team at Asemio. I’m motivated to support its growth, help it thrive, and become a place for even more people to call their professional home. I’m eager to find avenues to tell our story in new and different ways, sharing what we do, why we do it, and why it matters.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Software and data solutions

Functional Expertise

Account management

Future Interests

Software and data solutions


  • Providing insights into social impact collaboration (values, tools, challenges, perspectives, etc.) and where tech does and doesn’t play a role
  • Sharing advice on building rapport, developing relationships, and being an empathetic listener


  • Perspectives on product marketing
  • Insights from a diverse and motivated group of individuals on growth and sustainability
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