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Excited to be a part of this!

Background: Out of college, I started at McKinsey, where I stayed for 6 years, focusing on org strategy, social sector, and marketing and sales. For 2 years of those 6 years, I was on secondment (McK’s externship program) driving BD / distribution at Viacom-owned AwesomenessTV, where I developed growth / distribution strategies, sold TV content, and hung out with YouTubers. 

Wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, I left McKinsey in September, was a full-time volunteer for the Biden campaign, then started doing independent consulting in media / tech for startups and investors as a stopgap while figuring out the right business idea.

While independent consulting has gone much better than expected, my true goal is to do my own startup - ideally something in the digital / tech space, but open to various options. I’m interested both in smaller “lifestyle” businesses and in venture-scale opportunities. 

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

I want to start my own company - doesn't need to be venture scale, but I want to run my own business - likely one enabled by media and technology although not explicitly with a media / technology product.

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Media and entertainment

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Future of work
Media and entertainment
Social media and content creation


  1. Gives knowledge - can help on YouTube, film / TV / digital publishing, TikTok, audio, and B2B DeFi / crypto 
  2. BD knowledge - happy to help think through different levers in contracts and partnership agreements 
  3. Career exploration - can help folks think about what career options may make sense for them; love doing this for friends


  1. Idea generation advice - Would love advice from entrepreneurs and other individuals on a) how to come up with ideas b) how to formalize this process of testing ideas and c) how much work and money to put into testing different concepts
  2. Collaborators: Would love to find folks to bounce around ideas, hold each other accountable in the entrepreneurial process, and even test out new things (e.g., creating landing pages)
  3. Small side businesses: Interested in hearing from folks who started small e-commerce businesses or non-traditional businesses that weren’t venture scale but that offered additional financial freedom
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