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Excited to be here and be part of this group. Shout out to @sumiahshaikh for the intro.

Brief intro: I currently work at Gilbane Building Company running a division called Special Projects Group (SPG) which focuses on turn-key commercial realty construction management, predominantly in the corporate interiors/office space market with numerous multi-national firms. We advise through the entire project life-cycle from conception/space planning, to construction closeout/long-term asset management.

I'm interested in getting involved in ESG strategy particularly for the real estate/construction management market sector, networking with folks involved with environmental consulting and/or non-profits at the intersection of climate change initiatives/real estate.

Gives: 1. Does your start-up need corporate real estate planning/construction services? Office space, fulfillment centers, manufacturing, healthcare/pharma, life sciences and most importantly, re-imagining the future of work...let's talk! 2. Interested in commercial real estate investing? Makes two of us! Let's brainstorm ideas and see if we can align on a proforma and managing your risks appropriately. 3. Need help connecting into the real estate/architectural market? Happy to connect you. Asks: 1. Connecting with anyone working in an ESG space and is actively involved in the business case/operations side of ESG for a firm. 2. Connecting with anyone working in climate/environmental space 3. Meet people who have started or advised on creation/operation of medical offices (dental, ophthalmology, outpatient). Nishant

Professional Goals

Providing an impact on people, society and the earth. Primarily through physical spaces, climate awareness and real estate practices/development.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Real estate

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Real estate
Social impact


  • Corporate Office Turn-Key Start-Up
  • Construction Management Consulting
  • Real Estate Master Planning
  • Asset Management


  • Fundamentals of a start-up, growth, scaling
  • Technology integration into real estate
  • Climate impact technologies
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