Hello all! I'm currently the Director of Operations & People at a tech startup in Brooklyn, and prior to that, I worked as the COS for an early-stage fintech start-up. Even though I'm riding the start-up train currently, my background is actually in non-profit performing arts (former dancer and arts administrator).

Other interests: I'm also a certified personal trainer specializing in kettlebell training. I also love to bake cakes!

Professional Goals

  1. Continue to build companies alongside executives and founders
  2. Find a company I'm truly passionate about and is creating a product or service that helps make the world a better place.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Software and data solutions

Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests

Fitness and wellness
Social impact


  • Recruiting strategy
  • Operations for early-stage startups (what works/what doesn't)
  • Resume/cover letter review, but really any copy editing:)
  • On a less professional note, happy to give strength training advice to anyone


Always interested in learning more about - financial modeling - scaling teams through hiring - supporting managers in an organization - really anything in the realm of operations and people

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