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Hiii all - I'm Steph! Physically in LA, chronically on Twitter (@stephvalibus)

I'm the Director of Operations for Ship 30 for 30, Operations Manager at and also freelance with other clients for shorter term projects. I work mainly with startups and content creators who offer cohort-based-courses and online communities.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Meet great new people

Definitely finding a peer group, networking, and meeting interesting people. I believe that when optimistic, ambitious and fun people come together, it creates space for serendipity. I'm always open to the next opportunity or adventure.

Currently Investing in

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Working in

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Functional Expertise

Business operations
Chief of Staff
Product operations

Future Interests

Workflow automation
Professional development


-Intros to LA-based startup founders I'm connected with

-Connection with other Community or Operations professionals: communities to join or personal intros

-Career advice: I've worked in non-profit, Fortune 100, VC-backed startups, freelancer (I even took a sabbatical where I taught yoga for a year). I love talking about vision, manifestation and mindset shifts.


-Meet other LA people IRL! Let's do coffee or happy hour (

-Connections to freelancers/operators/creators with ADHD. Seeking inspiration and commiseration!

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