Hey everybody, I’m Dan. I’ve been on a wandering journey from traditional finance, where I started after college, to the startup world — looking for more autonomy, meaning and impact. I was fortunate to meet @Scott, who has been a tremendously kind champion in that process. I worked in VC for two years and tried out a startup generator program as an entrepreneur in residence in the fall. Today I work at Newlab where I help us launch companies and form partnerships.

One of our first newcos sits at the intersection of data science and journalism. It feels like I spend most of my time right now walking around Brooklyn Bridge Park or in front of a screen.

I love basketball, love to draw, love comedy and improv (took a class last year), and am sick of Zoom. 

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

To make an impact with challenging work and build things.

Currently Investing in

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Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • I’ve been around a ton of investors and entrepreneurs and have been an investor and nearly launched something of my own. Happy to talk to anyone about anything around these topics.


  • Over the past 8 weeks, we launched a medical devices company to create a stand in device for ICU ventilators that now has FDA emergency use authorization and a $10m order from NYC
  • We’re looking to figure out whether to try to scale it up and are trying to meet impact investors, medical device investors and potential strategic partners to that end
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