Salibonani! (hello in Zulu) :wave: I am Nomshado, founder of A Complexion Company (soon to be renamed Sān Rituals) We are a London, UK based wellness company transforming how traditional African medicine is used, forever. :herb::hut::earth_africa: I launched the company in March 2020 (2 weeks before UK lockdown) with the ambition of closing the ethnicity wellness gap by providing protective otc remedies to underserved women globally - starting with a MVP nutritional powder, our African better-than-matcha latte :tea::herb:. It has been a whirlwind of a year starting the company in my mother’s kitchen to features in over 20 international publications incl Forbes US + Africa, Vogue and being named Pioneering Black Woman in European Beauty by WWD :trophy: We have since joined Europes number 1 accelerator, Founder’s Factory and are working in partnership with Reckitt Benckiser (how I met our referrer @jsahil324) to formulate our next 3 SKUs, which we look forward to launching in the next 6 months and hit £1.2m D2C revenues in the next 12months. We are also looking to expand into the US market in 2022. You can find us at Standard Dose NYC and Liberty London, Our D2C is undergoing some testing and relaunching this summer.

I am on GMT time so occasionally find myself at conflict with some events. Would love to connect with anyone interested in what we are working on and anyone who might find me useful to what they are working on. Book yourself in and look forward to meeting :blush: Thank you @emilykpik for the opportunity to join x

Professional Goals

Creating the next biggest wellness company for black women worldwide. Finding partners for cross disciplinary projects. Advancing African wellness ingredients

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Fitness and wellness

Functional Expertise

Content creation

Future Interests

Fitness and wellness


  1. Well versed in most aspects of Wellness and Beauty
  2. A Branding maven (experience in luxury retail marketing at Ralph Lauren EU)
  3. Support for any solo-founders :hugging_face


  1. We are raising our pre-seed round £350k/$500k and are seeking intros to angels and early stage VCs in ecommerce, wellness/beauty space (both US and EU based)
  2. Looking to build our board of advisors with industry power-houses who know how to scale companies into the US FMCG space
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