Hi Everyone! Im Chris

I am currently a senior product manager at PwC. In my past life, I was a CPA and consultant, making the switch into product a little over 4 years ago.

I also just finished my MBA at NYU Stern, where I specialized in Product Management and digital marketing.

My current focus is in the B2B/SaaS space, specializing in products that improve productivity and efficiency through automation, AI, data visualization, and big data management. I love thinking about user experiences and how to tell stories that stand out with customers.

Outside of work, I love cooking (make my own pasta), staying active - CrossFit, Yoga, biking, and really into live music.

Professional Goals

I eventually want to be a head of product or CPO, but happy to just make products that customers love using. For someone to tell me that they are now in a better place because of something I have built, I would be content.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Web applications

Functional Expertise

Product management
UX research

Future Interests

Future of work
Software and data solutions


“Give 1” - I’ve been in consulting firms for almost a decade. Whether I can speak to my experience, answer any questions, or introduce my network, please reach out as I would love to help anyway I can

“Give 2” For any aspiring MBA’s, I can speak to my own experience and introduce classmates depending on your track or focus

“Give 3” I have a pretty solid understanding of Digital Transformation and can talk through any business challenges or interests in the space”


“Ask 1” I am currently exploring early stage startup opportunties in the product space. Any recommendations or referrals in B2B/SaaS would be fantastic and much appreciative.

“Ask 2” Connect to product leaders. Even though I have several years experience in product, I am very self-taught and haven’t had much hands on mentoring in the space. Would love to connect with other PMs to speak through their experiences and help me with my blind spots

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