Hey everyone! Really excited to be here and meet you all!

I’m Isabel, based in NYC. I run product marketing at Urbint, a risk mitigation software platform for infrastructure companies – we predict and prevent worker injuries and damage to underground utilities.

Previously I worked in product marketing at Enigma Technologies, and before that I worked in management consulting and research at CEB (Gartner) for about 5 years, living in DC and London.I once took a week-long clown class.Don’t hesitate to reach out about the above, or for a coffee chat!

Hope to meet more of you on zoom (and those in the NYC area in person soon!).

Professional Goals

Help build company whose product I personally care about and believe in (this may be in media, art, software, social good, or another industry). Work with passionate, engaged and fun team members every day.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Software and data solutions

Functional Expertise

Product marketing
Content creation

Future Interests

Financial services
Media and entertainment
Social impact
Future of work


  • Advice on market research, customer discovery, and survey writing
  • Feedback on pitch decks or sales decks
  • Chat with anyone interested in open roles at Urbint


  • Get to know product marketers and growth marketers
  • Get exposure to new industries – interested in social good / art / personal or professional development / social media – mission-driven consumer orgs with a strong brand / community
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