Hey, all  Very excited to be along for the ride – @Tom has never failed to impress with what he does (besides still harboring a Noah hat of mine...) and I have a feeling this is going to be a great 12 month journey!

I'm an investor at Hangar, a firm that funds and builds technology companies solving public sector market challenges.

My day-to-day is a mix of traditional venture diligence as well as strategic and operational support for scaling portfolio companies. Before Hangar, I did a stint at Tech:NYC, nerding out at the intersection of technology policy and industry, and working to ensure innovation and civic involvement evolved in tandem.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

I hope to be a holistic, thoughtful, and strategic company builder and leader. My experience is unique, and I want to make sure I'm learning and leveraging appropriately.

Currently Investing in

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Working in

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Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • I'm loving the sporadic/opportunistic FaceTime and/or Google Hangout. Even if we haven't met (yet), if you're going stir crazy, let's chat!
  • I also have many online games going if face-to-face weirds you out (see below).


  • More games! Codenames, Ticket to Ride, and backgammon have worn out their welcome. Please send suggestions!
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