Hey Propel! I'm Jessica from Jacksonville, FL! Thank you @jcalbright19 for introducing me to this fabulous community and @emilykpik for being so welcoming. I'm a Customer Service Manger at Cortello Salon, JAX's top salon. :woman-getting-haircut: I love to create exceptional experiences for our clients that makes them raving fans of our salon.

More about me: • I was an intern at Walt Disney World :mouse: love anything Disney, I know all the best spots if you plan a trip • I am a classically trained ballet dancer and can play the violin & cello :violin: So excited to learn and connect :clap:

Professional Goals

Freedom with my time(simultaneously productively working for an amazing company)

Experience & Interest

Current Industry


Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Media and entertainment


  • Anything customer success or service related, I am your girl! My goal is to help customers and I love exploring creative ways on how to make that happen.
  • I implemented a cloud-based sms & phone call system into my current company. This is amazing for remote teams that communicate with customers via phone. If you're creating a customer success team remotely it's an avenue to explore! I did a lot of research and testing to find the right system for us, I can answer any and all questions.
  • I am available to give any feedback on a new product! I love to try new things. (there is always something new in the hair/beauty industry, so I do a lot of experimentation)


  • I am looking for a new role! I am looking to shift from retail services and interested in learning about direct to consumer products, to start, and how to leverage my skills and experience.
  • I would love to hear from others about their job search process!
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