Hey there, Propel! I'm Katie (she/her). I'm in nonprofit operations by day, but the reason I joined this community is that I'm also launching a new business / side hustle by night. My hope is to take it full-time within the next year--scary, but it's good to have a target!

Professional Goals

  1. Launching my own business focused on supporting new mamas in their first year of parenthood;
  2. Learning more about product management;
  3. Learning more about and integrating design principles into my work.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Social impact

Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests

Future of work
Social media and content creation
Social impact


  • Give 1: Happy to strategize on anything related to nonprofits, including overall ops, internal comms, building positive remote team culture, training managers, or related issues. My most recent gig was helping our CEO set up new structures during the first year of her tenure (during Covid!) across our 650-person nonprofit.
  • Give 2: If you ever want to chat about mental models, I'm a huge nerd and study them in my "spare" time :). Huge fan of applying mental models to any / all areas of life and career.
  • Give 3: And on a more casual note, if you ever want to commiserate & problem-solve about parenting in the pandemic, I always have an open ear and would love to chat!


  • Ask 1: The business I'm building is focused on supporting womxn-identifying parents who are early in their parenthood journeys. If that's you, I'd love to connect and learn more about how I can support you as I build out my business model!
  • Ask 2: I'm building out some new skills in human-centered design and product management, and if either of those are your areas of expertise, would love to hear more about how you've adapted to a purely remote environment during the pandemic.
  • Ask 3: Finally, I'm looking for a co-host for a weekly room on Clubhouse, focused on parenting in the pandemic. If you're on the platform and looking to expand your hosting opportunities, would love to chat with you.
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