Hey All :wave: Very excited to be a part of the Propel community and have already enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with some of you! 

I’m currently in a transition stage of my career and doing some consulting work for a nonprofit in the social impact space. Previously, I helped launch a gender equality certification company where I was in charge of building our community of certified companies, brand ambassador program, and other partnerships. Prior to grad school I worked as a Digital Media Analyst for a market research firm. A generalist in many senses of the word!

Gives:  1. Advice on being the first employee of a company, negotiating your contract, anything really with the joys, pains and/or awkward discussions surrounding being a first employee in a pre-seed startup. 2. Community building growth strategies.  3. Social impact measurement, nonprofit consulting, international development, and gender equality initiatives.   Takes:  1. Advice on transitioning to freelance work (what works, what doesn’t, is it for me, etc.) versus a more stable job.  2. Intros to people in the social impact space (nonprofits, foundations, startups) I just moved to Denver from NYC and am taking in all of the great outdoor opportunities - so any favorite hikes, breweries, etc in the area that you may suggest, let me know! Looking forward to meeting many more of you!

Professional Goals

I want to run my own company in the social impact space. What that looks like is yet to be determined! I'm currently advising a nonprofit on social impact measurement and that has lit a spark in me that I have not felt in a long time!

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Social impact

Functional Expertise

Product operations

Future Interests

Social impact
Public policy



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