Curtis Kline

Chief of Staff at Frost Methane, Technology consultant at Tulsa Remote at Frost Methane and Tulsa Remote

Tulsa, OK




Hey everyone, I’m Curtis and I prefer he/him/his pronouns. I have a photo and a film degree from the now-defunct Brooks Institute.  I’m currently in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a small city that gained an unfortunately outsized amount of notoriety during this pandemic Summer. I work full time for Paperspace, a VC-backed machine learning tools company, and wear many hats – operations, product, and infrastructure to name a few. Prior to that I owned a small bicycle brand and spent two years at Evernote working on infrastructure projects.

Earlier, I ran a manufacturing company for 8 years, ultimately marketing and selling the business to a publicly-traded acquirer. 

I have a couple of side projects, too: - I started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit called RespiraWorks in March with some ex-SpaceX engineers, Google software devs, and other friends. We’re designing one of the world’s first full-featured open source ventilators.  - I’m working with Tulsa-based Atento Capital to advise some of the startups in their direct investment portfolio. 

Professional Goals

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Workflow automation

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Business operations

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  • I am happy to share business-building experiences from various industries. I also have technical experience in modern cloud infrastructure and can be a resource when you need a sanity check on that.


  • I’ve been full-time for a while (and may not be for much longer) and I am ready to find some consulting or advising opportunities.
  • If you see anything in my background that might be helpful to you or someone you know, especially someone who can afford to pay me, I’d love an intro!
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