Hi y’all! I’m Pam and super excited to be here. Thanks, @emilykpik, for creating and bringing me into this community. Currently based in Austin! I recently started a new role, I'm a Senior Manager at Jetty, a financial services platform for tenants and property managers. I’ve spent the past four years in fintech, on both the operating (risk & underwriting) and investing (partnerships and negotiation) sides, and started my career in public accounting (:nerd_face:).

On a more personal note, I’m a dog mom (:dog: :dog:), world’s worst casual / urban cyclist :woman-biking::skin-tone-4: (as in I’m really clumsy), and always down for a cup of a coffee :coffee:.

Professional Goals

I want to continue building my career in the ‘fintech for good’ space and be in an executive role for an early stage company in the next 5-7 years. On a more personal (but still professional level), I want to build a strong angel investment portfolio where I am adding value to each of my portfolio companies.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Financial services
Social impact

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Financial services
Social impact


  • I could talk about personal finance all day and am especially passionate about closing the wealth gap for BIPOC and women. 
  • Happy to connect with any fintech who is raising debt capital. Can make introductions in the space, give any feedback, and share market insights. 
  • Can help anybody plan their post-COVID trip to Austin and give food recs. 
  • In college, my part-time job was editing book manuscripts for an English professor and can spot any typo / spelling error, happy to review any important decks. :face_with_monocle:


  • I recently took on a new role building out the capital markets function, would love to connect with other folks in fintech that are building functions from scratch and hiring small (but mighty) teams on best practices. 
  • Would love to connect with any seasoned angel investors as I’m a brand new :innocent: investor so looking for feedback about how to add value to my portfolio companies / how to think about my investment thesis.
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