everyone! I’m Kate and I’m super excited to be joining the Propel community A little about me: I’m currently a Product Manager at Flatiron Health, building real-world evidence data products, based in NYC. I’ve been at Flatiron for 5.5 years and, before moving into Product a year and a half ago, I had been building out our Strategic Finance team. Before joining Flatiron, I was an investment banker at a boutique M&A firm. Gives: - I love helping to think through career transitions and connecting folks within my network. Feel free to reach out to bounce ideas off of me, especially in the world of strategic finance, product, and/or healthcare! - I teach Excel workshops and am always happy to help with financial modeling and Excel more broadly Asks: - I’m always interested in learning more about what folks are up to in early stage healthcare. Would love to chat if you are building in the space! - I’d love to connect with folks in PM / GM roles, as I think through what the next 5+ years look like for me Looking forward to connecting!!

Professional Goals

I love building exciting things with a bright, multidisciplinary group of people. This is super broad and I see this materializing in several potential paths: being part of a founding team, growing a new business within an existing org, or investing in growing businesses. Companies I'm most passionate about are using data in novel ways to solve impactful, challenging problems in healthcare.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry


Functional Expertise

Product management

Future Interests

Software and data solutions



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