Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

For me, there is only one goal - in the next 2~3 years, I want to found & start my own company. There are three sub-goals under it.

First, find the right idea. Via readings, learnings & conversations with others in different fields, I want to expand my horizons and hone in on several ideas to work on. I also want to further validate the ideas with other potential founders, so I can pick THE ONE. The diverse & high-calibre Propel community can really help me get those inspirations.

Second, build more comprehensive skill sets. As a founder, I need to be a jack of all trades. Though I was able to get some of the experience at my jobs, I want to go above & beyond - dig into areas like design, ENG, hiring and hope to find like-minded people at Propel to embark on self-learnings together.

Last, gather an awesome team & find the right people to work with. This is probably the most difficult one because it is so hard to know when it’s right or not right. I really hope to tap into the Propel community & find potential co-founders. In the meantime, I also hope to get to know people with different styles & backgrounds, learn how to evaluate & work with different people, and learn how to know when that chemistry happens.

Currently Investing in

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Working in

B2B SaaS
Social media and content creation

Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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