Hey all, excited to get to know everyone and learn more about the team here! Currently, live in Chicago (go Cubs), but originally from NJ/NYC. Yes, I did have friends that were straight out of Jersey Shore - Director of Finance/Ops at a CPG start-up called Oars + Alps. Previously at JPMorgan Inv. Banking helping public/private companies raise debt capital - Prior to COVID, had traveled to 13 different countries in the span of 2 months in Europe and Eastern Asia during my sabbatical - did an entire month by myself which was underrated an amazing experience - Grew up playing 5 instruments, cello, piano, trumpet, sax, and guitar, but am completely tone-deaf so don’t ask me to get on the mic…

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

At the end of my life, I want to be able to say that I've helped more people professionally and personally through my leadership and management skills than the size of my bank account.

Being able to learn what it takes to grow a powerful, mission-driven business is exactly what I'm hoping to achieve, especially in the health and wellness space!

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Future Interests

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  • I’m currently in charge of all things Finance + Ops - meaning inventory, supply chain, logistics, and of course cash management, board reporting, SKU analysis, etc. Never knew how important making sure your teams across marketing, product development, sales, and inventory are aligned to the success of a small start-up. Absolutely CRUCIAL to know the cash ins/outs for any CPG/DTC company
  • Truly interested in rooting for supportive friends and networks. Love a great success story, especially when it’s due to hard work and strong determination
  • Hate to say, but I’m definitely a nerd when it comes to excel. No better feeling when the numbers all tie out 


  • Looking to join or co-found a Company in either the B2B SaaS industry or DTC/CPG space. My current experience lends itself to DTC/CPG, but I’m fascinated by SaaS and technological improvements.
  • On the other hand, branding and the customer experience journey is a story I know can be just as powerful
  • Learning from those who have had similar paths. From starting small and not really having software or start-up experience, but knowing that building something from scratch and putting on that entrepreneurial hat would be better than climbing up the corporate ladder. Sometimes, 30 minutes is just too short for these kinds of conversations, and am very open for any and all chats
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