Hi all —

Super excited and thankful to be a part of this community!

I am a Native New Yorker, with diverse and broad experience, in tech startups, crypto/Web3, and family offices. Currently, Head of Operations at DOOMSDAYX a web3 creative technology studio focused on the music sector.

What excites me most, is working alongside founders and my peers to help build businesses in a successful and meaningful way. I believe having a human approach in building a company is possible and the outcomes are even greater and more rewarding for all.

I have also done angel investing with startups like GAIAN and Mindhive.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Learn from others to help me grow in my current role or function

Goal 2: In 5 years, have my own start up while continuing to support other founders as an advisor.

Currently Investing in

Crypto and Web3
Food and beverage

Working in

Crypto and Web3

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Crypto and Web3


Give 1: Always happy to be a soundboard for ideas or advice from an operator standpoint.

Give 2: If I can make any introductions or be of any help, just ask!

Give 3: Love sharing my favorite cocktail spots in NYC. 🍸

Give 4: Looking for Product QA or beta users, happy to help out!

Give 5: Good energy and vibes!


Ask 1: Looking for a mentor in web3 / crypto specifically to improve on how to be a better operator in the space.

Ask 2: Looking to learn and join angel syndicates!

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