Hey everyone, I’m Maddi! I’m so excited to join the community, thanks @kenziehagan for introducing me. I’m currently based in Mexico City, but will be back in NYC full-time starting in August. I recently started a new role as Growth Marketing Manager for Mosaic Foods, a plant-based meal delivery startup. Prior to Mosaic, I was on the Harry’s Growth team managing a variety of digital channels. I also do some freelance marketing on the side.

One fun fact about me is that I’m a member of Sofar Sounds crew, and we help to put on live music shows through Sofar around NYC. Luckily, shows will be starting up again soon, so if anyone’s interested in learning more let me know! Excited to meet everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Professional Goals

Having recently started the role of Growth Marketing Manager for a fast-growing startup, I am eager to be a part of building something from the group up while developing skills that will prepare me to start something of my own in the future.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Food and beverage

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Fitness and wellness
Food and beverage
Social impact


  • Happy to talk all things digital marketing (particularly paid social, paid search, & Amazon advertising)
  • Open to chatting with anyone interested in the DTC and consumer spaces, as well as make connections wherever possible
  • Recommendations for Mexico City!


  • Looking to connect with fellow Growth marketers to share insights, discuss strategies, and be sounding boards for each other
  • Always love recommendations for interesting books, newsletters, podcasts, or courses to check out (my interests include marketing, professional development, wellness, and traveling)
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