Hey everyone! I'm Julie , a Senior Product Manager at H-E-B, a large grocery retailer in Texas, based out of Austin. I mainly work on digital wellness and am testing a concept experience around health + nutrition. I also run a separate team on digital accessibility and building a design language system. Super excited to join Propel and connect with likeminded people as I explore what's next for me. Shout out to my long-time friend @Sahil Jain for the invite!

Other things about me: - Activities: Getting outside on hiking trails around Austin is my happy place. I've hiked the Rockies and Big Bend during quaran-times. Appreciate #propel_hikes for the new recs! - Learning: I'm brushing off my college Spanish books and have been taking 1:1 Spanish lessons for the last 6 months. If you'd like to practice and laugh at my poor grammar, I'm open to it.

Professional Goals

  • Start exploring my creative side and testing some product ideas to see if they are valid and meet a need and not being afraid of failure.
  • Working with a talented, small team, moving quickly, and creating something that creates positive impact and is motivating

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Fitness and wellness

Functional Expertise

Product management

Future Interests

Fitness and wellness
Social impact


  • If you're thinking about getting into product management and/or need help getting started, I've mentored quite a few aspiring PMs get the right next job.
  • Connecting you with anyone I know in the Austin tech scene. I've been working in Austin for 8 years now and pretty well networked. If there's a company or person you'd like an intro to, Austin's a pretty small town, and if I know someone, I'm happy to connect you.
  • Exchanging experience and ideas around digital mobile consumer apps, especially in the ecommerce and wellness space.
  • I've started collecting PM frameworks and resources that have helped in setting a vision and creating a product or brainstorming new ones.


  • I'm looking for my next role at a start-up, likely a mobile consumer experience around wellness. If you know someone in the space to even learn from, I'd love to chat, especially if there are Austin or remote opportunities.
  • If you also have an itch for entrepreneurship, I'd love to understand your journey and how you took (or taking) the leap.
  • I've got the customer empathy down, but could use better tools for tying customer problems back to revenue. Any advice or ways to get a good balance of 'solves a customer need, but also makes us money' is must appreciated.
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