Hi! Very excited to be here and meet all of you. Thank you @emilykpik for bringing me in!

Brief intro: I work at a NYC-based investment firm that I helped launch in 2017. I previously worked at an investment bank for 3 years, where I helped build a life insurance business within the firm. I am most interested in healthcare companies, particularly those focused on the gut health / food-as-medicine space. I’m also interested in financial services and consumer technology.

Professional Goals

I like to brainstorm ideas and grow businesses. I want to collaborate with individuals who have complementary skill sets and backgrounds.

I am most interested in companies that use data to improve healthcare delivery and health outcomes. Financial services and consumer-facing technology are also areas of interest.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Institutional investing

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Financial services


  1. Happy to make intros if I have them.
  2. I like to brainstorm ideas and grow businesses, and I have invested across several industries. If you want to bounce ideas off of me, feel free to DM me.
  3. If you’re considering getting an MBA and have questions, DM me.


  1. Intros to employees or patients of nutrition-driven healthcare businesses (e.g., Wellory, Virta, Noom)
  2. Intros to biz dev / strategy employees at DTC food companies or national food chains
  3. Meet people who want to ideate in the healthcare, consumer, and/or fintech industries
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