I like building things, learning stuff and collaborating with interesting people from different backgrounds.

I studied and worked in Finance but quickly moved to the Tech industry. After a few years at an AdTech company, I learned to code and built my own AdTech company, AdHouse!

After a year of running AdHouse, it's become a self-service product that only requires a part-time commitment. Currently, I'm looking for either another entrepreneurial venture or a job in Product Management.

Fun Fact: I'm in a popular NYC cover band, Take Your Shoes Off, if you're from the area you may have seen us at Red Lion, Bowery Electric, Session73 or Arlene's Grocery.


Professional Goals

  1. Contribute to change
  2. Be in a position where I learn and am challenged
  3. Have a healthy balance of work, education and fun

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Web applications

Functional Expertise

Product management

Future Interests

Software and data solutions
Web applications
Media and entertainment


  • I'd love to support and help anyone starting something new. If you're thinking about taking the jump into starting a new company or learning to code, I'd love to help you out.
  • I like thinking through new ideas and thinking through the technical architecture/challenges associated.
  • I have an extensive network of professionals in the technology space, specifically adtech. If for any reason you need connections made there, I'm happy to do what I can!
  • If you're considering taking a coding bootcamp, I've been there and done that. I have plenty of thoughts to share!


  • I'm starting to search for my next steps career wise. If you have any thoughts or are looking for a technical founder for something really cool, let me know!
  • I'm obsessed with free-education. If there's any cool resources that you use, send them my way. I'm happy to share as well!
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